We are Authorito,
and we bridge decentralization.

Our Constitution

Protocol beats Authority.

There’s anything else that’s as fascinating as entropy. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that entropy always increases. In a world full of human beings, each living a diverse and unique life, how do you maintain order and structure?


Order here means the alignment of each individual’s actions such that the sum is greater than the parts. There are two and only two ways to accomplish this. One, make everyone believe into an authority, and the fear of it will keep everyone in order. Another way is to make everyone believe into a protocol, and the incentives of the protocol will keep everyone in order.


Why a protocol beats authority is because who keeps in check the entropy of the authority? Another higher authority? It’ll just be an infinite hierarchy, and a ticking time bomb. A world run on self-sustaining protocols is more stable than the world run by an authority.


Having strong moral principles is the foundation on which Authorito is built upon. Whatever happens, wrong will not be served.

Purpose Driven.

It has never happened that we got excited by something/someone that isn’t driven by a purpose. We are. 


Win-win-win is the new win-win. In a community, there’s more grey than black and white. Optimize the grey and the community wins.


Early stage investments

We love to write checks to unconventional teams pursuing radical ideas. Best time to get involved with us is in the very early days of your project.

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help beyond the money

More often than not, a project would require help beyond just the money. Our technology, business and legal teams are available to you.

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The Two

Walking doesn’t remain an option for those who want to fly.

technology DRIVEN economics

The Partner.

Mohit Mamoria

Managing Partner

Spoken in 4 countries to over 10,000+ people

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The Contact.

We love to talk (not gossip). You may use the form on this page either to strike up any valuable conversation or pitch your project in plain-text.


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